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Thread: In Memoriam: Aaron Zelman, 4th of March 1946- 21st of December 2010

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    In Memoriam: Aaron Zelman, 4th of March 1946- 21st of December 2010

    IN MEMORIUM: A good patriot and freedom fighter has passed away! Aaron Zelman. PLEASE keep up the good work waking up everyone to the cause of and fight for freedom and liberty, restoring and taking back all of our lost freedoms from our public servants who in thoughtless stupor continue to think they are better than We The People.
    (Dion Wood). MY FREEDOM PAGE[/COLOR] with valuable links to ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, Internet Radio shows and other sites to restore our FREEDOM & LIBERTY TELEPHONE: +1(800)808-KIWI that's +1(800)808-5494 Tollfree. "NewZealander By Birth, American By The Grace Of God." See also & IN MEMORY OF OUR GOD, OUR RELIGION, AND FREEDOM, AND OUR PEACE, OUR WIVES, AND OUR CHILDREN" (The Title Of LIBERTY)

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    A great loss to the gun rights community. My prayers. I cannot understand why so many American Jews are willing to and are leading the effort to surrender a right that protects all of us.

    A proud Gentile member of the JPFO. G-d provide that Americans will never have to say "Never Again!"
    When in danger you can dial 911 and hope for the police to arrive a few minutes later armed with guns.
    Why do police carry guns?

    The Joyce Foundation funded firearm control empire:

    "Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see." - Martin Luther King Jr.

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