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Thread: Maine CWP Training Interviewed in Wake of AZ Shooting

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    Maine CWP Training Interviewed in Wake of AZ Shooting

    Reported By: Jay Field

    A group that fights handgun violence is calling for a toughening of Maine's firearms laws in the wake of the deadly shooting in Tucson. Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence wants state lawmakers to outlaw the ammunition clip used in the attack. But gun rights supporters say mental illness was to blame for the shooting, not a particular firearm or ammunition clip.

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    What kills me is that they seem to think banning the magazines will make them disappear...

    They were illegal between 1994 and 2004. Columbine occurred in 1999 during the ban and two extended magazines were used in that shooting despite the ban.

    Bans don't work.

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    My previous comment still stands..Anyone that has the mind to go out and do something like this again, as Boyscout was hinting to, isnt going to obey the law. Second, A person can carry a ungodly amount of ammo on them, in as many mags as possible, and with enough training, change a mag and be gased up in seconds. So banning a mag that holds more than 10 rounds is just stupid. Besides..the gun I want is a 13+1 mag STOCK. (With the 10+1 for Cali, ect )

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