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Thread: NC restaurant worker shoots 2 robbers, killing 1 - in Charlotte

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    NC restaurant worker shoots 2 robbers, killing 1 - in Charlotte

    CHARLOTTE — Charlotte police say a restaurant employee shot two would-be robbers, killing one of them.

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    Crap, I have OC'ed numbers of times at numerous Subway Rest. and never really thought I could be mistook as a "would be" robber by an armed itchy trigger fingered employee. Funny though, all my interactions regarding OC happen at Subway Rest. It doesn't state this inthe article, but I suppose these guys didn't walk in hosltered and they were probably dressing the part of a robber.

    Interesting. Thanks for the heads up as I don't get much Charlotte news east of Raleigh.
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    Good deal.

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    I heard on an evening news story that they caught the female getaway driver. A witness says he saw the clerk chasing them out of the store still shooting <-- big no-no legally.

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    just caught this on the news I drive past that area a lot . There is a neighborhood in that are that was on the tv show GANGLAND. Place is called Hidden Valley. Anyway there is always something going on over there I'm glad to see someone stand up for themselves

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    More coverage:

    Most reports do say he was seen chasing the BGs down the street, shooting at them. BIG no-no.

    But I gotta admit, I'd like to shake this Subway employee's hand, and buy him dinner...
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