It's law-making season on capital hill again, and we are already seeing some sneaky activities going on. There is a bill in the criminal code section attempting to make it easier and close a legal loophole for U of U thugs to arrest students open carrying under the guise of title 76-9-106.

76-9-106. Disrupting the operation of a school.
(1) A person is guilty of disrupting the operation of a school if the person, after being asked to leave by a school official, remains on school property for the purpose of encouraging or creating an unreasonable and substantial disruption or risk of disruption of a class, activity, program, or other function of a public or private school.
(2) For purposes of this section, "school property" includes property being used by a public or private school for a school function.
(3) Disrupting the operation of a school is a class B misdemeanor.

The key phrases they are using are "RISK of disruption of a class" and "Class B Misdemeanor"

The bill that closes the loophole is HB-59 sponsored by none other than Stephen G Handy, who is Republican believe it or not. The bill essentially amends title "77-7-2 Arrest by peace officers" to expand the authority of the coppers to arrest somebody for any class of misdemeanor, not just an "A class" or felonies. How did I make this connection? Well, if you take this link to Stephen's website, you will see that his educational background is with the U of U. If you have any doubt as to representative Handy's position on firearms, take the link below. On the right side under his photo, click the link called "Issue Positions" (political courage test). Scroll down a page to the bulleted list and find "Gun Issues" and see how he answered the questions.

MS, Human Resources Management, University of Utah, 1978, Grade Point Average 3.3,
BA, English, University of Utah, 1975, Grade Point Average of 3.5,
*End Snip

This bill changes only one small detail but opens a whole can of worms. There are several other petty offenses less than class A misdemeanors that you can be cuffed for now if the bill gains any ground and eventually passes. This guy hates guns and is loyal to the U of U. Oh, and he also wants to raise your taxes. I tried to contact, but couldn't find any link on their page that would allow me to, so I'm posting this here in hopes that somehow it will filter through the proper channels. This bill may be well-intentioned, but I just don't see any benefit. Besides, I'm not going to support anything that expands the authority of so-called "Peace Officers", and you all know why.