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Thread: Pleasant conversation with Metro PC Officer

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    Pleasant conversation with Metro PC Officer

    Today I went to my local car detailer. After checking my car in with the attendant, I went inside to pay. As I walk over to the soft drink cooler to grab a Redbull, I notice there is a plain clothed metro officer with his badge and a sub compact Glock on his belt. I've never seen a metro officer carry a sub compact as their primary firearm so I asked him, if he was carrying a G26 or a 27. He politely responded that it was a G26. We talked for about 5 minutes about why we chose to carry the models that we did, I was carrying my Glock 36 at the time. He asked my why I chose to carry a 36 as it has a drastically reduced capacity. I responded that if I can't solve my problem with 7 rounds and another 6 in a spare mag, my problem has probably solved me. I went on to say that many self defense situations are solved with only 1 or 2 rounds if any are even fired at all. He agreed with my logic, and wished me a good and safe day, as I also wished him a good day.

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    I believe part of changing Metros views on open carry does fall back on the legal open carry civilians actions toward Metro. I would say that was some good public relations work. The gun defense statistics I have read over the years do agree with the 1 or 2 rounds.

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    I can understand a plain clothes officer carrying a sub compact. He might conceal during different parts of his daily duties, and chose to OC with his badge while on 'non-concealed' business.

    And kudos to a good, positive contact!

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