as many of you now I do Computer Services and Web Design, ans I had two comments from customers today, that did not amount to anything but reflected on OC around customers.

Customer #1
I meet a customer at a bank to receive a payment, and cash it at his bank, I meet him at the door and we talked for a couple minutes then, as we proceeded to the entrance, he pointed at my weapon and asked "can you take that in the bank?" I just looked at the door and in a relaxed voice said "yea its fine" and we went in and after our business talked for a few more minutes in the bank.

Customer #2
I went into Wal-Mart to get some propane and salt, and as im walking out a guy starts talking to me on my deaf side and I turn to hear him and he tells me, its funny he ran into me, he had just got a computer and was going to call me about dropping it off with his old one for a data transfer. He met me at the bus and gave me the computers and told me he would have not even recognized me, if it hadn't been for my "side arm"

I think I stick out a little to much here I carry a gun and I drive a old VW bus. I carry everywhere even at home so all my customers now I carry and never had a negative encounter with a customer, got a lot of people go sign up for CCW Permits and even a few gun sales LOL come get you computer fixed and leave with a gun LOL