I just got back home from the range in Pass Christian, Gun Ho. Overall a nice range; clean, knowledgeable employees, decent rental stock, inexpensive for day to day shooters like myself (two levels of membership are available), and they are expanding to have a 100 yard rifle range.

I decided to shoot my Taurus PT1911 and my old trusty high power. The Taurus had one hang up with the speer gold dot ammo that I shot up first, then no issues. The high power had multiple failure to extract issues, so it will be going to the gunsmith for examination. I also need to adjust the sights on the high power as they are a little high, about 5 inches at 10 yards.

Overall experience at this range was good, I will go back again to see what it looks like in a couple of weeks hopefully (and maybe rent a gun for trial shooting, got to love finding the next addition to the family).