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Thread: First Open Carry Encounter In Loganville

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    First Open Carry Encounter In Loganville

    Today was like most days throw the pk380 with blackhawk serpa 2 holster on my side and go about my own. Well while I was waiting for the sushi bar to open for dinner I decided to grab some gas at a local Kroger. While I was waiting in line at the cash register this older woman comes up and ask, "Is that a 9mil." I said no mam its just a 380. She stated you know about the Tarus Judge and I replied Yes mam, Well I carry that anywhere i go. We stood there for almost 10 min. talking about new handguns and various personal defense weapons. Just goes to show there really are people out there who notice but in a polite manner. Not everyone is like this I understand but for an elderly woman to go outta her way and comment me shows a lot of respect. And I respect her on her part too. Thanks for the BEST first encounter while open carrying.

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    It is Good to Hear that you have had a Nice Compliment.

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