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Thread: Help defeat ab 144 the bill that would ban open carry in california

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    Help defeat ab 144 the bill that would ban open carry in california

    Please help fight the Open Carry of Firearms Bill that would Ban open Carry in CA , Call California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino's office the Author of the Bill @ (916) 319-2044 and ask them Not push this Bill , you can also contact your assembly person at this link

    And ask them to OPPOSE AB 144

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    How many times do you poor folk have to fight this bill? I thought something similar was brought up last session and killed. Saldana, wasn't it?
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    AB 144 Fax Drive

    This bill essentially comes up every few years but since this bill almost made it, it was introduced this year and there is an attempt to remove the issues found in this bill. It bans so much that it effectively removes all your 2a rights with a few tweeks except in your home.

    Right now the action items are a fax drive to members of the public safety committee. We hope to get as much registered opposition as we can against this bill.

    It is time to start faxing and voicing your opposition to defend your right to self-defense. AB 144 effectivly removes your right to defend yourself in a public setting, and creates no resolution of the current problematic CCW processes.

    Assembly members to fax for this first round are:

    Assembly Public Safety Committee Fax (916) 319-3745

    Majority Leader Charles Calderon (CA-AD-58-D) (916) 319 - 2158

    Minority Leader Connie Conway, R-Tulare (916) 319-2134

    Bill Sponsor Anthony Portantino (916) 319-2144

    Letterhead and/or official titles are particularly important for this process. If you have access to business letterhead you could use, please use this to opposed AB 144. Individual faxes are also important so those who can do both please do.

    Analysis has not been written yet. We need strong arguments!

    The text of the bill can be found here:

    To fax for free, you can use the following services.

    and/ or

    Feel free to contact me for additional information. Through RCC and various other gun rights groups we are doing what we can to reduce the chances of this bill making it as far as last year again.
    Alany Helmantoler

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