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Thread: 1st Camping Event 2011

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    1st Camping Event 2011

    At the lunch this afternoon, we decided to set up the first campout for 2011. It will be scheduled for Friday, May 27 through Monday May 30th (Memorial Day Weekend).

    Right2Carry and I will start scouting out locations as weather permits. Suggestions are always welcome. We'll post GPS coordinates and directions once a campsite has been picked. If you think you might be coming, please let us know how many and what type of camping you'll be doing (i.e., tenting, small trailer, large trailer, etc.). That way we can keep our eyes open for an area that will meet our needs.

    As always, the potluck will be Saturday night and we hope TriciaDodge will make cheesy grits for us if she's there. If anyone has a specific menu or theme they want to suggest, just let us know. Or we could just wing it as usual.

    It'll be good to get together, shoot, eat and be our wonderful selves. Hope to see ya'll there!!

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    What area are you thinking of doing this?
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