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Thread: So if HB 4009/4010 Goes through...

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    So if HB 4009/4010 Goes through...

    What does that mean for carrying on Universities and colleges, i know the zone is eliminated but does it mean it will be up to the school? Will it matter if they are federally or state funded at all? Will i need a CPL to Carry openly?

    I'm new to this and have attempted to read the laws but i'm not sure which apply.

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    It would only mean that carrying a concealed pistol in a classroom or dormitory would no longer be illegal. The college/university could, and probably would, enact rules for students and employees preventing them from carrying while on campus. While breaking these hypothetical rules wouldn't land you in jail it could result in your being expelled or fired.

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    Colleges with law enforcement powers are not currently subject to preemption. Ergo they could make enforcible criminal-like ordinances against carry.
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    That's correct. One of the first things we need to concentrate on after the removal of gun free zones, is to bring colleges back under the force of law. After that, then state and federal buildings, then businesses.

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