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Thread: 2nd OC Denton NC

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    2nd OC Denton NC

    Went to Bojangles at 11:30 sat. morning 1-22-11
    sorta busy there but no problems, was told by manager that some of there stores were prohibiting this with signs that said no weapons allowed. Sent letter corporate last night will post responce.

    was stopped by Highway Patrol in parking lot at lowes Was told by Highway patrol officer that open carry was not legal, after a few minutes of talkon radio he came back and said that there was no need to open carry a gun and that people should not be allowed to open carry. I got his card with name on it and plan to file complaint with his supervisor sence he clearly didnt know the law.

    went to several more places around Denton no problems but did have a few stairs.

    {1} one legal ? here though. signs posted at post office said no weapons allowed, does this carry onto the side walk that goes in front of post offices or does this mean just inside the post office. Just casual walk by infront from my understanding does not constitute post office property but maybe wrong on this
    other wise this was a pretty good trip this time

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    Sounds decent, at least he was civil about it and didn't try anything stupid. I'd always like to wonder why they feel the need to OC then wherever they go if its so unnecessary.

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