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Thread: Left demonizing new WA Pro-2A GOP chair

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    Left demonizing new WA Pro-2A GOP chair

    It certainly didnít take long; barely 48 hours after he was elected chairman of the State Republican Party, former KVI talk host Kirby Wilbur is now being demonized by the Left in the reader feedback section of a story in the Seattle Times.

    Or try this:

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    The Washington State "R's" were right in changing leaders. With the general mood of the electorate they certainly didn't take advantage of the opportunities they had in the 2010 election. Kirby Wilbur will certainly be a force for getting the party off their butts. Will be a good opportunity to make a needed change in Olympia and better leadership to see it gets done.
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    I know Luke Esser from college and he is a great guy. But I think Kirby had it right yesterday when he said that Luke was a CEO and what the party needed was a leader. I think this is a positive change. The left are always going to spin whatever the right does as a negative unless it is an agreement with something the left wants to do. In which case it is a spirit of bipartisanship to move the country forward.
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    I think you are reaching Dave. Since when is some anonymous guy making comments on the Seattle Times the official voice of 'the Left' (your caps)? If some nutjob on the same board was picking on Gregoire, would the headline 'Right demonizes Gregoire' be fair? How do you know the anonymous commenter is a left-winger? Maybe he's a Rand Paul supporter? Or maybe he likes Lyndon LaRouche? How did you confirm your facts for this story?

    And did Wilbur really say that stuff in the comments about Muslims inspiring us to kill more of them? Way to put our guys in the sandpit in harms way. Maybe Wilbur should keep his stupid theories to himself...he was elected state chair, not GOP minister for foreign relations.
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