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Thread: Store employee shoots at robber, Va Beach

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    Store employee shoots at robber, Va Beach

    "VIRGINIA BEACH- A store employee opened fire on a would be robber Wednesday night at the Indian Lakes Food Mart in the Lake Christopher section of the city. Around 7 pm, a man walked into the market at 1196 Indian Lakes Boulevard. The man was going for his weapon, when the employee drew a gun of his own and shot at the suspect."

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    From the article, sounds like a "legal/good" shoot.
    The Second Amendment is in place
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    A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone

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    got to love the police spokesman

    "We would like them to comply with what the robber said. It's only cash. Let them have it so no one gets hurt,"

    I wonder how many clerks in similar stores have been killed just handing over the cash and not resisting?

    All I have to say is lets work on the marksmanship for the clerks, dead crooks don't usually come back a second time.

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