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Thread: Open Carry Stop in Livermore III Part 2

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    Open Carry Stop in Livermore III Part 2

    This is Part 2.

    For the Record: After the 12031 e-search and seizure, the open carrier was told by coffee shop employees that there were no issues and he was welcome to remain on the property.

    "I cannot accept the notion that a police state is the price we must pay to live in a free society."

    Follow the link to see the Youtube video:
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    Loved it....would watch again...not sure why it took three officers in a coffee shop to check the mag and chamber...haha...I loved the fat dude with the helmet...that was classic...

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    Good Job!

    I liked the part when told the cop that LEO does not have a responsibility to protect individuals and that you were filling the void for yourself.

    Great job at explaining the difference between an ordinance and a Constitutional right.


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    Wow, that was a pretty respectful tongue lashing he gave them. Excellent job teaching them the actual "rules" they are to play by, not whatever they believe, think, or want. Clearly his "appreciation" has not yet acheived a higher level of "understanding, acknowledgement, and adherence to the Constitution."

    Next time carry some Oathkeeper material with you especially for him.
    "Why should judicial precedent bind the nation if the Constitution itself does not?" -- Mark Levin

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    Please note that the officers used classic verbal judo statements to defer and deflect and attempt to descalate.

    Tactical notes, try not to ask questions testing their knowledge, this will be met by very general statments to deflect. They have been trained to not engage in discussion or arguments over any contentious points, it makes them seem weak.
    Words like - I can appreciate that, I understand, we can talk about that for awhile, we dont want to make it a big deal, we are not in a hurry, I do respect your rights but I have a job to do.

    Good points for all, keep talking and dont let them alter the course of the discussion, dont let them use verbal judo moves on you. And above all dont be rude or use profanity, be smarter and more resolved, in fact call them out on their use of verbal judo and that it wont work on you. This takes away from them a powerful tool to control the encounter.
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    Absolutely awesome. Have watched multiple times and forwarded to non-oc and OC friends alike! Keep up the good work.

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