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Thread: WaP calls for a new Assault Weapons Ban

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    WaP calls for a new Assault Weapons Ban

    Why am I not surprised? I wish I had a subscription, just so I could cancel it.
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    This should come at no surprise to anyone who knows the history of the virulently biased quaint little newspaper. In the mid 70's, the Washington Compost in concert with Channel 7 News waged a campaign which they titled, "Get the guns off of the streets"; the streets of Washington D.C. Well they were both successful resulting in the ban on handguns in the nation's capital which lasted until the Heller decision. Along with their handy work came increases in all types of crimes and most distressing, those of in the violent category.

    They are also a strongly racist newspaper. For starters, check out their reporting on the Anthony Johnson case in June 1978. Johnson was 15 years old when he murdered two Prince George's County officers while he was being booked. The ComPost picked this story up and ran with it painting Johnson as some model kid who turned in the wrong direction one time. He had the same attorney who defended Marion Barry (Moody). Even while Johnson was in prison earning a college degree on the taxpayers' dollar, the ComPost cried for him at parole hearings.

    That is the kind of newspaper the ComPost is.
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    My 40 round magazine is calling for a WaPo ban.
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