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Thread: Low-tec aiming aid 4 fast, automatic, and accurate aiming

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    Low-tec aiming aid 4 fast, automatic, and accurate aiming

    at close quarters.

    My latest video.

    The aiming aid is patented, but individuals are welcome to add one to their personal gun/s at their own risk and expense. I have the patent, so I can say that. US 6023874

    Ditto for Police Agencies.
    A link to info on how to do that.


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    With the new flat sided mini's (S&W Bodyguard,Walther PPS, Beretta PX$, Sig P290), the device could be a big help in insuring fast, mechanical, and correct sight alignment, and fast and accurate target engagement even though the mini's are very short.

    Of course, if there are sights on the gun, and if circumstances allow for their use, the sights should be used.

    Also, if the light is bad, or the situation is a dynamic one, or if the sights are dark and the target is dressed in black and you are at close quarters, you still will have a viable SD option at your disposal.

    Consider the aiming aid to be a Sight Shooting assistant, not a device to thwart it.

    A couple of magazines and three or four targets at 15 feet +/-, can prove that to be the case.

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    This is a very interesting idea. I cleared my carry piece last night and just messed with the idea. I've been shooting people with my finger for years and I never miss with it...

    My gun's got a button on the frame that would be an issue with sticking stuff on the side (it's a frame like a Baretta 92) but I can hold it firmly with a finger along the frame anyways. That and my Blackhawk QCB covers most of that side of the bun as well. I'll be trying this at the range next time out though. Thanks!
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