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Thread: SB 0057 & SB 0058 (HB 4009&4010) PFZ repeal.

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    Thumbs up SB 0057 & SB 0058 (HB 4009&4010) PFZ repeal.

    Now the Senate is on line.Time to contact my Senator.CARRY ON!
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    Cool beans, looks like these are just to strike out the bad stuff, which is what we want.
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    Does this mean that it's out of committee?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stainless1911 View Post
    Does this mean that it's out of committee?
    No, it means a separate bill was introduced in the Senate. Either the house bills or the Senate Bills will eventually need to be dropped and one chamber will need to adopt the other chamber's bill. If I had to guess, it'll be the House's Bill that will be dropped as the Senate Bill breaks the components of the House bill up into more pieces and it has a Republican sponsor. The Republicans don't want to vote for a Democratic bill even if it's a Republican cause. Childish games....

    ETA: This bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee. I know someone at work who is close to the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman. I understand from him the Republicans don't plan to address any "social" legislative changes, like this one, until they have a 2 year budget passed. This is going to be done (so it is said) by the end of June.
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