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Thread: Finally a Story instead of a Question

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    Finally a Story instead of a Question

    I know this won't be as exciting as Open Carrying in a town with LEO's preaching their opinions..... but here goes.

    I have MS FireArms Permit and carry concealed under an un-tucked shirt.

    I was in a check out line at the Greenville. MS Walmart. An Older woman in front of me, tapped me on my waist/belt line to let me know there was room on the conveyor belt for my items.

    I thanked her, she then leaned in close to ask quietly if she had just felt a gun under my shirt. I responded in a normal voice volume, "Yes Ma'am."

    She quietly asked if I was a Marshall or a police officer? I replied in normal conversation tone. "No Ma'am". She said out loud " You can't do that, my late husband was a Marshall"

    I said in a normal tone "Yes Ma'am I can, I have a Concealed weapons permit." The lady started looking around real quick. I figured she was looking for management.

    The check out girl said cool, I've been thinking about getting mine. I replied it only cost $132 bucks. The lady behind me chimes in "Yea go to Sheriff's office thats where I got mine." Everyone in line was shaking their heads up and down like yep thats correct.

    I look at the lady in front of me, she seems calmer and asks "Whats your name?" I replied with my name, she starts laughing and says I knew I recognized you. She asked did you marry a girl from this town? I said yes about 15 years ago (were divorced) her name was Laura __________. She said "Yep that was my niece."

    We had a big laugh.

    Not the best story but the only one I've got.......................Guess you just had to be there.

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    Put clapping hands here!

    Nice story!

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    Brother, any story on these boards that doesn't end with: "and that's when they arrested me" is a good story.

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