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Thread: A question for my western neigbors

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    A question for my western neigbors

    I heard that when Minnesota went to conceal carry that many private locations posted "no guns" signs. Over time someone noticed that the stores that had such signs were victims of armed robbery more often then those establishments that had no such signs posted. Is there any truth to this story? Are "no guns allowed" signs common or rare?

    Max from your eastern neighbor of Wisconsin

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    Can't be true. Criminals respect "no guns" signs. Seriously, great question. I wonder if any stats are available. Somehow I doubt the leftwing press would publish them.

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    Just a guess but I'm guessing if there was a no gun sign a criminal would be more likely to rob the place at gunpoint... It's like when there is a sign that says don't touch people must touch... Or don't walk on the grass people go and walk on the grass..

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    First, Minnesota doesn't have concealed carry, we have a permit to carry (open or concealed).

    Nationally, there is data to support that gun free zones are more susceptible to shootings. I've looked, and kind find any Minnesota specific reports.

    The vast majority of places that are "posted" here, are not in compliance with 624.714. Not that it matters to criminals at all.
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