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Thread: Salt Palace: CC question

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    Salt Palace: CC question

    I know this site is all about open carrying, and I love that, but let me sneak in a quick question about concealed carrying.

    My father in Law just invited me to go to the Western Hunting & Conservation expo this weekend at the Salt Palace in SLC. It's supposedly a huge hunting thing there they display taxidermy, custom rifles, and the main event is a bunch of hunting tag give aways. Now being an Idaho boy, I haven't been to the Salt Palace in years. Any idea if I can carry there? My Father in law doesn't exactly know that I carry, (though i really doubt he would care I just haven't crossed that line yet) So i don't want any issues where I have to run the gun back out to the car. Do you know if I can get in with it? Do you know if they frisk or anything for these types of events? I don't recall being that thoroughly checked last time I was there, though I was like 16 at the time! Anyway any insight into Utah law that would help me, or better yet specific info on the Salt Palace would be awesome.

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    So far as I know, the Salt Palace is run by SL County. It is government property and therefore subject to Utah State preemption law prohibiting local rules regarding guns or RKBA.

    I've never seen metal detectors, frisking, or other such security procedures used at the Salt Palace.

    I can not guarantee anything, but I expect that if you have a permit to carry you should be fine to CC from both a legal and a practical perspective.

    Of course, private venues including Energy Solutions Arena are within their legal rights to ban firearms and take measures to prevent access to the facility with banned items.


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    Troll alert

    Dude your post on UCC looked like an advertisement, now you ask the same question here? You got me thinking troll!
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