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Thread: Yet another violation of GFSZ.

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    Yet another violation of GFSZ.

    So there was another shooting at a school. This time it was in Placerville, and allegedly a school employee shot a school administrator the details are still sketchy.

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    Prolly should make it a janitor free zone, or a school official free zone. Makes about as much sense as a gun free zone.
    A citizen may not be required to offer a ―good and substantial reason-- why he should be permitted to exercise his rights. The right‘s existence is all the reason he needs.

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    ah schools the self deffenseless zone

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    hold on a sec! this news is a lie because GFSZ says that there can be no guns within 1000 of a school. we all know that criminals obey laws! how is this possible?

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    Ya know the GFSZ sounds like a "nice name", leading people to think their a safe zone of some kind.
    The truth is they and we should start calling it by its true name " Kill Zones" or" Death Zones".
    Because we do have enough brains to know the difference.

    Just maybe "some" people will start learning the truth some day sooner then later.
    This( Mam-by Pam-be), thinking is getting people killed, and putting kids in danger Daily.
    If people started pulling their kids out of schools, and stared homeschooling their own kids
    because of these "Death Zones" and the propagated psychological fear to kids of inanimate objects ( Guns)
    people just might bring back some "Common Sense" again !
    School officials and teachers could CCW then.
    To bad that fellow got killed, that"s sad ! Robin47

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