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Thread: Ordinances get closer look from residents, groups

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    Ordinances get closer look from residents, groups

    Royal Oak officials recently took action to repeal an ordinance on the books that allowed the mayor to suspend the sale of guns or ammunition in the event of a civil emergency.

    Saying it was unconstitutional, resident and gun advocate Paul Dalrymple brought it to the city officials’ attention a year and a half ago.

    I guess I thought the Royal Oak Civil Emergencies Ordinance was unconstitutional... Who would have thought that?

    The article author contacted me and I sent him the same email I sent the City. I guess he didn't catch that it was against State Law (which is clearly in the email). No wonder the reporters always seem to get things about firearms wrong...

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    Searching the Internet, for unlawful ordinances, I found this site called, The Order Of Constitution Defenders, the link of my interest was called, You Can Fight City Hall, some of the scenarios given in this article, may give some useful insight.

    Link to Education Page

    Link to You Can Fight City Hall

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    As we all know....when they say "we would never prosecute under these obscure laws" that they really mean <unless we think we can get away with it>. If you don't have the money for a good defense lawyer to fight an illegal law your SCREWED!!.....just sayin
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    Hey Paul, I'm going to drive by your house and throw a snow ball at you! I might even do it from Clawson, see if I can get charged in two cities!

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