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Thread: Ak 47 help

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    Ak 47 help

    Hi all, well honestly im driving my self crazy trying to figure out who makes high quality or at least good quality aks, ive been searching oround online and now im even more confused.. Stamped recivers,mild recivers,thick barrels, chrome lined barrels, century arms,bulgarian,arsenal etc,etc. could some of you guys help me out and share the knowledge? my personal purpose for this rifle is well starting my collection also as an invesment and maybe handing it down to my son one day, i would only be using it for target practice, but would also be nice to know that if the sh!t hits the fan i have a rifle i could very well fight for my familys life with.

    budget: 1k
    Location: arizona
    Thanx in a advance and excuse my spelling im in my cell..
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    I believe century arms makes the ak47...I think I saw ted nugent shooting one on his show last week and it was very accurate.

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    Here’s a place you could check out. They have a section just on AK’s.
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