A friend has conversed to me a situation in which his close friend had a very obsessed(as in love over heals) guy file a police report. While I don't know the facts since I was not there, I still felt like I'd ask this question.

Do assault charges in PA mean the police may confiscate every firearm in the house?

Assault was claimed to be buttstock of a long gun to the body.

What I can say about the "victim" who filed the police report, it was a lie. The individual relayed to the investigating officer the report was false yet they'll still going after him. The "victim" apparently skipped town, doubt he'd show to a hearing/trial.

background on the guy: used to be close friend, imagined he was the BF of the guy, got to be friend of the family, asked the father if he could live in the spare room, later making the police report, currently kicked out of house by father, completely disappeared.

That's all the information I'm giving in regards to the guy. When I say obsessed, I mean obsessed as in really crazy.