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Thread: Who's to Blame

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    Who's to Blame

    I read this late last night.
    Not much to go in here but realy makes you think maybe an argument with parent before sense it was a PARENT that called it in.

    8th and 9th graders, so that puts them at 14 to 15 years olds or 16 years old at the most, accounting for failed grades maybe.
    Makes you wonder if student and parent got into argument or something or could be just that the parent noticed guns were missing. But eather way this could be set as another case of more gun control and put a damper on every ones rights,
    Whats interesting is to see what the parents will be charged with if any hing after the investigation as how the students got the guns out of the house. I know that these are 15 to 16 year olds, but dosent any one get up with there children anymore and maybe sorta make sure they get to school okay ?Could wrong on this one , they mighta picked it at some other school on the way to school.
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    Carroll County Sheriff Warren Manning described the guns as an automatic pistol and a handgun. .
    Wow, way to use some scare tactics here.

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    I blame both parents and kids. At that age, the kids definitely know better than to take a gun to school. On the other hand, I blame the parents for not keeping the guns locked up. If someone got hurt with them, the parents could be in big trouble.

    Maybe if parents today were better parents, kids wouldn't be bringing guns to school. Nothing like this ever happened when my parents were in middle school.

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    No info that those guns came from a parent. The kids could have just as well gotten them on the street.

    The parent calling it in might have heard it from their child that someone was bragging about having one.

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    I think carry by students in school zones should be allowed, especially if the schools aren't going to provide for a child's security.

    I understand this will likely never be implemented now, as our culture has shifted too far for this to become accepted. Likely, I will face criticism even here for this opinion.

    Anyone remember Columbine? Do you remember how many parents gave their kids a little .22 or .38 pistol the following day/week? Just in case? It's like parents suddenly had a flash of genius, that they realized the only way to combat a BG with a gun is a GG with a gun, no matter where it may occur. Granted, after a few days, they no longer let their kids carry to school, as it was a knee-jerk reaction. No student should carry, even if it were legal, without proper (though not mandatory) training.

    It has led to "Zero Tolerance" rules that cause a Young Marine with her wood & tape "rifle" in the back seat of her car, and an Olympic Skeet Shooter who has shotgun shells in her car, to be suspended. Or a kid drawing a gun. (Yes, with a pencil.) Of course, anyone who carries a Swiss Army Knife into school risks the same fate. Of course, if they leave it in their car, they should be safe, right?

    Due to the travesty that is the GFSZA, this will never come to pass. School zones will remain easy targets, and increasingly strict legislation will come to create greater and greater crimes that can be assessed to the same lunatic who doesn't care about the laws in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CDT COX View Post
    Wow, way to use some scare tactics here.
    Obviously little Tommy got a Glock 18 for Christmas. It's a wonder they did not call it an AK 47.

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    Funny words

    The last couple of posts i put up here were sorts off the beaten path and unrelated to oc'ing, but having to do with ones rights.

    I got a call this morning from a friend and he told me to chech this out so i did.

    Now this one to has nothing to do with OC'ing, but if you read the words carefuly you will see words being used that normaly would be used in HOME INVASIONS,BREAKING AND ENTERING, ROBBERIES, and RAPE.

    Now i know that some people would read this and say that this is just the normal way that things are written for news, but i'm just saying that some words here might be read by some people that might think that this crime was commited by armed thugs and crooks with weapons other than computers. look down below and read some of the words and make your own minds.

    { repeatedly broken into }
    {possible motives }
    { penatrated multible times }
    { perpetrators }
    { executes }
    { perpetrators " appear to have just been looking around" }
    {break-ins }

    Now i know this story has to do with computers and and computer crime, but its seems funny that a lot of the words used here might make one think that other than computers were involed here. Some people might read this story and might think that { armed perpetrators repeatedly broke into some ones place and just looked around }
    But that might just be me and the way i see things

    And heres another one from FLORIDA

    not good for the OC'ing right, thier trying to get passed down there SB234
    not much on this story as far as OC'ing, but still none the less not good at all
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