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Thread: jury awards $48 million in restaurant shooting

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    jury awards $48 million in restaurant shooting

    I was on the internet and came across a news story headlined "Lawyer: jury awards $48 million in restaurant shooting". The location is Seattle, WA and feel all gun owners would be interested in the story. Part of the story states "Three victims filed suit, alleging the Denny's restaurant did not take steps to keep customers safe". I don't know Denny's firearm policy and maybe the business owners will take down no gun signs to avoid lawsuits.
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    I found a few links but none of them mention the disarming of the victims as a reason for finding Denny's negligent or even what that Denny's weapons policy was. If anything my guess is that it's almost assured that that one is now a "gun free" zone. Maybe they'll add armed security.

    They all talk about how the Plaintiffs agreed to accept between 5 and 13 million from Denny's insurance carrier.
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