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Thread: Record From You Phone Directly to the Internet

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    Record From You Phone Directly to the Internet

    Puts it into MP3 format for you and everything. Nothing for them to steal if they take your phone...anyone who has your login information can get at the recording...and it's simple and free to make available to the whole world via the web.
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    Awesome, thanks for the links guys!

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    I myself prefer Qik ( As it also allows video and it will also act almost like tweets in that anyone with your user name (which can be linked to your FB account as well) can isntantly see what has been uploaded. Do not have to give anyone your password and you can set it up to automatically make a post to facebook every time it uploads a video.

    I find that to be more beneficial in the case where I might need someone to know that I will not be able to return to my residence tonight....
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