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Thread: Very inexpensive tactical clothing!

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    Very inexpensive tactical clothing!

    If you have a Good Will store in your area, you may have a treasure trove of tactical and HG related clothing and gear.

    Here's what I've found in about 6 months of casual shopping:
    1. Two range bags @$3;
    2. A pair of 511 branded tactical pants, size 34x34 (apparently never worn), and a pair for my partner, 32x28, seven pocket with carabiner strap back pocket (same trip) @$4.50 each;
    3. Leather shooting gloves $2;
    4. Tactical CC vest $3;
    5. Camo tactical outer coat with hidden CC Velcro seam pockets on each lapel $5;
    6. Mag case with belt loop $1;
    7. Black coveralls, denim material with four zipper pockets and an internal CC pocket (Dickey brand). Very stylish $10;
    8. A variety of cases for gear, flashlights, web belts and straps;
    9. A sleeveless neoprene cold-water rescue/surfing wetsuit $29;
    10. A variety of shooting glasses;
    11. All sorts of cool Hawaiian shirts (best CC shirts you can get).

    ...and lots more. Got two London Fog trench coats, one for myself and one for her, $19 each, normally close to $300, not even worn, hers with a liner.

    So grab that pocket money and check it out!

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    Thanks for the tip Mate
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    I wish my Goodwill had stuff like that.

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