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Thread: New guy with dumb questions

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    New guy with dumb questions

    First of all I'd like to say that I'm Happy to have joined this forum and I hope I can gather as much information that I can from this forum and maybe someday join you fine people some day.....

    1st question....... Can I open carry in Los Angeles? Since all the threads I've read only talk about south bay and orange county..

    2nd question....... When in my vehicle does my weapon have to be in my trunk as it always is when I'm goin to or leaving my businesses?

    Thank you all so very much for answering my questions
    And if there's anything that I Can do to help in just let me know

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    As the old saying goes, the only dumb question is the one that is not asked.

    The advice to go to the California forum and pose your question is rock solid. There are some folks there who have not only first-hand experience but solid training on the ins and outs of the myriad laws/rules/regulations folks in California must deal with. They are the closest you will come to experts.

    And, welcome to OCDO. Feel free to look around the place and get to know us.

    stay safe.

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