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Thread: More on 'Project Gunrunner' controversy 'while Seattle sleeps'

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    More on 'Project Gunrunner' controversy 'while Seattle sleeps'

    I feel like Sid Hudgens at "HUSH HUSH" magazine (LA Confidential)
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    While Washington Ceasefire focuses on gun show restrictions and Seattle’s news agencies remain oblivious to a major story discussed here, a briefing was scheduled today in the “other Washington” with members of Sen. Charles Grassley’s staff regarding the “Project Gunrunner” sting operation that now appears to be linked to the murder of a federal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent.

    Or try this:

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    Missed a couple links in there on your HERE and HERE back to previous articles.

    Edit : I love your work btw. Always a good read.
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    Thanks for shedding more light on this story, Mr Workman. This could really blow up in the ATF's face.

    Again, check out,
    for Mike Vanderboeghs blog and
    for David Codreas column.

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