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Thread: Gun rights poll; please vote!

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    Gun rights poll; please vote!

    Some of you may be aware that several anti-rights blogs have popped up recently. Well, one of those blogs recently ran a poll to test his readership's views, after his side lost 58:1 against new restrictions he pulled the plug on the poll and did a whiny rant about how the pro-gun side was "cheating" and "bullying," because grass-roots are apparently only good if they're from people who agree with you. Well this inspired gun-rights blogger Linoge at to put up his own poll, along with an open invitation to spread the word anywhere you want to. The poll can be found here:

    Anyone who wants to hurt their brain can check out the anti-rights blogger who started it here:

    *just noticed that DanM had a post up linking to the original anti-gun poll: ,complete with Linoge himself linking to the poll on his website, so maybe a moderator could delete this post so we don't clutter things up?
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