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Thread: Ban Hi Capacity Magazines ?

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    Ban Hi Capacity Magazines ?

    This news article asks if congress should ban hi-cap mags.
    - Also has a poll we can hit.

    Have fun,
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    its rigged..... your just giving them more traffic... you can make comments.

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    No one but moonbats read U.S.NEWS (You Snooze) anyway. I voted against their insipid little poll anyway, but I don't need to read their sniveling propaganda.
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    My response

    As a graduate of Virgian Tech, I am ashamed of the school's HUA policies which disarmed the students against a threat like Cho. I find it utterly shocking that school policy forbade the students from defending themselves against a madman like Cho.

    65% of respondants agree. Disarming law-abiding citizens is a tactic found in sentence 1 of the idiot's handbook to shoddy leadership. Limiting magazine capacities will only limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves while doing absolutely nothing to limit the magazines used by law-breaking criminals and nut-cases who've gone off the deep end.

    Finally, Nutter's attempt to tie assault rifles to Ft. Hood, Va Tech, and Congresswoman Giffords is utterly stupid, as ALL THREE shootings involved pistols, not assault rifles. Furthermore, they ALL involved folks who were more than off their rocker, not law-abiding citizens who have the courage and personal responsibility to arm themselves against criminals and nutcases.

    Nutter is about as certifiable as all three nuts mentioned above.
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