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    Question New to OC,

    Hey all,
    First of all thanks to all of you who have made an effort to enlighten us I have found a ton of useful information so far.
    My wonderful wife just gave me a new Kimber Pro Raptor for Valentines...I cut off some fingers years ago and stopped carrying then but the serrations on the raptor allow for a much better grip and after a few hundred rounds I decided to start carrying again.
    I have searched through the Nevada forums and so far understand the current laws for on-person carry. But I can't find or am just to slow to figure out what to do when in my vehicle.

    Specifically is it OK to leave my pistol in it's holster on my side when driving, most officers seem to approach my vehicle on my drivers side, this puts my holster away from them inadvertently concealing. I really don't want it sliding around on the dash either. I currently use a Comp-tac holster that fit's very securely and would be a pain to take off every time I enter my car.

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    A vehicle does not "conceal" a firearm in a holster on your belt.

    Clothing you wear might.
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    Before I got my concealed carry permit I always carried openly on my hip, and I continued to carry it openly on my hip while I was in the car. If stopped by an officer the first thing I informed him of was that I was carrying openly to make sure he couldn't confuse it with being concealed.

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    Yes, as long as your shirt doesn't cover your sidearm you are good to go.
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