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Thread: "High Capacity Mags"

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    "High Capacity Mags"

    Just out of curiosity, how many of my fellow CT residents are snapping up "high capacity" magazines out of fear of them being banned? As I'm originally from California, I'm particularly sensitive to this situation.

    I have to say that as a G19 owner I have purchased a decent quantity of 15+ mags in the last couple of weeks...
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    I'm not from Ct...But I'm buying all I can.
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    Did i not read correctly that if this law does pass it is for the sale and ownership of high capacity? Meaning they intend not to grandfather in? I currently own 2 17 round for my ruger sr-9

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    I have yet to see any bill formed in the CT Legislature addressing magazine capacity..the concept was talked about..but no bill..unless someone has seen one??

    I know one was introduced at federal level..but in reality that bill is not even going to get a hearing
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    I missed the discussion two weeks ago at the legislative office building because there really was NO advance notice.

    There was discussion on magazine limits, but because it was separate from the other discussion last Thursday, I cannot comment on that topic.

    However, as I recall, the mere possession makes you an immediate criminal if the bill passes.

    We need to be vigilant on this and any 2A encroachment by our congressional critters.

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