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Thread: OT Im flying

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    OT Im flying

    To missouri for a funeral this thursday and returning next thursday and wondering anyone fly frontier? I never flew with a firearm before what should i know and whats a good lock boxs or anyone in my area have one i can barrow for aweek?

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    First, make sure you're legal to possess/carry the gun in the state(s) you'll be visiting. Then:

    Good luck!

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    Beyond being familiar with state law of where you're traveling.....

    TSA regs:

    Frontier airline regs:

    I haven't flown Frontier, but have flown with my handgun on few other carriers with no problems.

    Basically, just about any hard sided handgun case will work, as long as you can put your own lock on it and can't pry a corner open. I've used my cheap plastic handgun case with a simple combo padlock on it as well as my metal single handgun safe that I use in the car.

    So handgun goes in case, unloaded with slide locked back so it's obvious to the screeners that it's empty/unloaded. Ammo I just put back in its original box and then place that in the case, though some airlines may require ammo to be packed in a separate piece of baggage so you'll just have to check and see what your airline requires. Then I lock the case with a NON-TSA lock that only you have the combo/key for. Then the case goes in my luggage and I usually have a TSA lock on the luggage, though that is not required.

    I also use the steel security cable that came with my metal handgun safe and run that through a luggage support rod so that even if someone got in the bag they can't remove the gun case.

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    Both my Sig and my CZ came in molded plastic cases that could be secured with a small padlock or zip tie. Some gun shops occasionally have cases like these for sale real cheap as they are left behind by the customer.

    If you merely place your pistol inside a box, even cardboard, and secure this box within a hard sided, locked, suitcase you are in compliance both with TSA and Frontier.

    Flying with a pistol really isn't that big a deal as long as you can legally posses it at your destination airport.
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