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Thread: Could Constantine's plan bring NRA back to Seattle???

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    Could Constantine's plan bring NRA back to Seattle???

    King County Executive Dow Constantine’s proposal (reported by KING 5 News) to re-direct tax revenues to allow for expansion of the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle could be a godsend for Pacific Northwest gun owners, because the larger facility might be able to attract the annual National Rifle Association convention.
    The last time the NRA was in Seattle was in May 1997, the year that members – myself included – saw Charlton Heston elected to the Board of Directors and subsequently to the office of vice president. Prior to that, NRA was here in 1985, at the Seattle Center.

    Or try this:

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    I wasn't aware there were any tax revenues to redirect!
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    If they make the Convention Center much bigger, Seattle will have TWO tunnels. One for the traffic on hwy 99 and the other under the Con. Center for I-5.
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