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Thread: Would Like to See a OC rally in Sioux Falls to Bring Awareness

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    Would Like to See a OC rally in Sioux Falls to Bring Awareness

    My Name is Adam,

    I am a residant of Sioux Falls, an Iraqi Freedom Veteran and a Strong beliver of our 2nd Amendment Rights. I Recently Wrote to almost all of our state Reps. and a few in Washington including the President and have yet to get any reply. I believe South Dakota is on the forefront in this battle on gun control and gun rights, not only just in Pierre, SD but also in Washington. I would like to see more OC gatherings and rallies in Sioux Falls to bring Awareness to our State leaders and citizans. Below is a copy of the letter I sent out and my personal opinion. If anyone would like to organize one of these events please contact me and I guarantee I will be there.

    Dear Representative ,

    My name is Adam Turner, I am a native and a resident of South Dakota. I am also a 7 year Veteran of the United States Army and a Iraqi Freedom Veteran. I am very Pro-Gun, it is our Constiutional right to be able to Keep and Bear Arms to defend and protect ourselves,our families and our State and it is one of the Constiutional rights I put my life on the line to protect every day and I did so proudly and without hesitation like many others are still doing today.
    Have any of these People which are supposed to be our State and Federal Leaders ever read our Constiution? (United States and South Dakota's) and if so do they really understand the importance of it?. I have never really wanted to become involved in anything Government, whether it be Voting or anything else. Due to my distrust in our Government and Im saddened and angery to feel this way. I decided to be in the Military not for our Government but for the protection of the American People and my Family. I understand that there have to be laws when it comes to Weapons, such as not being able to have them in Court Houses, Police Stations or in Schools, or for people with violent, mentally ill or criminal pasts to not be able to possess firearms. That all just makes commen sence, but there comes a point when our Right To Keep and Bear Arms becomes infringed upon. Such as not being able to have my Firearm on me when I take my children to a city park to play or to the fair ect.
    THESE LAWS DO NOT PROTECT THE LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, IT PUTS THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES IN MORE DANGER. These laws DO NOT STOP A CRIMINAL..... They only limit a person from being able to protect themselve and there Family. I could go on and on about which Federal and State Firearm laws are " NO-DUH " or Commen Sense and which ones are infringing on our Constutional Rights and how the Federal Government and State Governments have room to interpret these laws (ie. change the origanal intent of that law or Gray areas/ Loop Holes), but this letter would go on for pages and pages and it would be just like 95% of the House Bills where only the first 2 pages get read.
    SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE to make Gun laws what I like to call " NO-DUH " or Common sense. Where there is no room for interpretation or gray areas or Loop Holes and which DO NOT INFRINGE on our Constutional Rights.
    Like I stated earlier in this letter LAWS LIKE THESE DO NOT STOP CRIMINALS! They only limit the law abiding citizen from being able to protect themselves and their families.
    PLEASE, help PROTECT what our country was built upon and what makes Our Country so great. DO NOT LET OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM DIE OR BECOME DISABLED IN VAIN.


    Thank you,

    Adam Turner
    ( Vetran and Concerned U.S Citizen)

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    Good read. Let us know when you get a responce.

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    PM me back then we can have an OC get together
    Patrick Henry didn't say "Give me safety , or give me death". Liberty is what America is about.

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