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Thread: I heard of a gold reporting bill in the works.

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    I heard of a gold reporting bill in the works.

    Some may cry "This is a open carry site!" but hear me out. I believe the right to own precious metals leads directly to the ability to own firearms. Protecting our assets are wealth gives us the freedom to choose how we live.

    I may even point out the historical significance of registering your property right before its confiscation.

    Are we free to choose with what we spend out time on this earth and the energy of our production on? Free men own gold and silver.

    The first link is the article I am Sourcing, and the second is the bill in question.

    Can someone post a listing of our state officials? I'd be keen to write a letter to mine.

    Thank you for your time

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    Did you read the proposed legislation?

    AN ACT Relating to the regulation of secondhand dealers;
    This is to regulate the 2nd Hand Dealers, Pawn Brokers, and "Cash for Gold" buyers that set up at your local motel for a day or so.

    Not for the Gold Brokers that sell certificates or bullion.

    You do have to report any profits you make on gold transactions to the IRS just like any other investment.
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