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Thread: OC Meet? OR Dinner in Roanke/Salem?

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    OC Meet? OR Dinner in Roanke/Salem?

    Just Recently Purchased an Springfield XDM-9mm, im not new to open carry, i did it a few years ago when i had my Taurus but had to to sell the gun, Finally got the money to get me another one lol. Anyways i was wanting to see if their were any OC Meets or dinners planned here soon in the Roanoke/Salem Area or if anybody be interested in doing one? Post back and let me know, Feels good to be back to OC

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    Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome Soldier! There are a few folks down Roanoke way but they don't post much. If we (or you) scheduled an OC dinner down that way I'm sure of Lynchburgers could make it down there. Feel free to join in on one of our local dinners!

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    if you build it they will come...

    Pick a place, date and time that you are gonna go.. POST it.. and folks will come.. It's pretty simple.
    Carry On.


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