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Thread: Florida OC Action Alert!

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    Florida OC Action Alert!

    Open Carriers:

    TOMORROW, on Tuesday February 21, 2011, the Florida Senate Committee on Criminal Justice will consider a bill to legalize open carry, college carry, and out of state long gun purchases - but the bill dies if it fails this committee. See OCDO press release at

    But rumor has it that one Rupublican Senator's vote is shaky and could kill the bill.

    So let's shake 'em up!

    If this Florida bill passes, it will electrify the entire gun rights movement in the United States and help us pass the many other pending bills right now, such as open carry reform in Oklahoma, college carry in Texas, full preemption in Indiana, constitutional carry in a number of states, and restaurant carry in Ohio and North Carolina.

    Sample email is below - the idea is to force the committee to confront the license requirement - send TODAY as committee meets tomorrow morning!

    Carry on!

    Mike & John



    SUBJECT: Remove license requirement to open carry in SB 234!

    Dear Senator:

    I support Senate Bill 234, but urge you to remove the license requirement to open carry.

    Most states allow open carry without the need for a license.

    But in Florida, open carry is outright banned, even when on the private property of another who gives you permission to open carry!

    A license is not needed to exercise any other right in the Bill of Rights, so now's not the time to do this for the Second Amendment in Florida.


    [If you have a Florida address, add the FLORIDA address]

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    I wrote my own message hitting more points, but sent it.
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    Tyranny with Manners is still Tyranny.

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    I travel there quite often for work. It would be great if this bill is changed to unlicensed OC and becomes law. I sent an email as well. Not sure if I sent it in time.

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