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Thread: FNP 45 Tactical With Osprey Suppressor

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    FNP 45 Tactical With Osprey Suppressor

    This is my new favorite fun gun, but for concealed carry I wish I was three feet taller and weighed about 300 more pounds. Still, if you don't mind carrying it in a backpack, it makes a great EDC gun.

    Here's a link to my review:

    Be sure to watch the video review there, and then watch the supplement which compares the same gun with and without the suppressor:

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    Nice suppressor..gonna have to see if it's available for the 845...(for home/on the grounds use). Pistol itself is a lot like the 845-

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    I have the FNP-45 non-tactical :-) It is definitely a nice gun and a good mix of a Sig P220 and an H&K USP. My only complaint is that a SERPA isn't available for it yet. When there is one available I will carry it more.

    I bought a Ti-Rant suppressor from AAC shortly before the Osprey was available. Both have very close specs with the Osprey winning slightly. The Ti-Rant is loud dry. With water it is very nice. I bought some lithium grease since a special person recommended it. :-) Right now I use my Sig P220 and H&K compact tactical to shoot the Ti-Rant. The H&K feels much better than the Sig. I have two pistons, one for each threading. I am not sure what threading the FNP-45 tactical uses but hope I don't have to get a third piston when I acquire one.

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