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Thread: Impromptu dinner at Leesburg Noodles & Co. 2/22/11, 7:30

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    Impromptu dinner at Leesburg Noodles & Co. 2/22/11, 7:30

    Hey folks...

    I won one of those 'drop a business card in the fishbowl, win a free dinner for you and some friends' things at Noodles & Co. in Leesburg. I decided to treat a few of my local gun buddies (Ed, Walt_Kowalski, and another non-ocdo friend) who have gone out of their way for me.

    I've only OCed to Noodles once, so I'm really not sure on their 'policies', but I guess there's only one way to find out, plus there's strength in numbers.

    I've reserved the dinner for me and the guys for 7:30, but if anyone else wants to come out for some great affordable food, don't be a stranger!

    Located behind the new Wegman's on River Creek Pkwy:
    1607 Village Market Road, Suite L-112
    Leesburg, VA 20178

    Hope to see ya!

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    Thanks for the invite, see you there!
    Carry On.


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