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Thread: Bill 143 on Monday

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    Bill 143 on Monday

    CCW Permit Reform Bill Slated to be Heard in Nevada
    Please contact Assembly committee members today!

    The Assembly Judiciary Committee will consider Assembly Bill 143 on Monday, February 28, at 8:00 a.m. in Room 3132 of the Legislative Building in Carson City. Testimony will also be taken via teleconference in Room 4412 of the Grant Sawyer Government Building located at 555 East Washington Avenue in Las Vegas. Introduced by state Assemblyman David Bobzien (D-Reno), AB 143 would streamline the Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit process by allowing an applicant to qualify for a permit for both revolvers and semi-automatic firearms, as well as mandate that the names and addresses of permit holders be held confidential.

    Although similar to Senate Bill 126, which was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, one of the key components of AB 143 includes tightening the Nevada Revised Statutes to ensure CCW permit confidentiality. This issue was exposed in a Nevada Supreme Court decision last year after the Reno Gazette Journal newspaper sued the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department when the Sheriff would not release the names of the county CCW permit holders. According to the Supreme Court decision, permit applications may be held confidential; however, the names of permit holders are public record. NRA joins with the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association in supporting this vital piece of legislation.

    Assemblyman Bobzien has asked that the pro-gun community show their support through testimony and letters in anticipation that a large number of media organizations will be vocal in opposing AB 143. Please take the time to either attend the hearing in Carson City or Las Vegas, and/or contact the members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Contact information for this committee can be found below.

    Assembly Judiciary Committee

    William Horne (D-34), Chairman
    (775) 684-8847

    James Ohrenschall (D-12), Vice Chairman
    (775) 684-8819

    Steven Brooks (D-19)
    (775) 684-8569

    Richard Carrillo (D-18)
    (775) 684-8801

    Skip Daly (D-31)
    (775) 684-8563

    Olivia Diaz (D-11)
    (775) 684-8553

    Marilyn Dondero Loop (D-5)
    (775) 684-8833

    Jason Frierson (D-8)
    (775) 684-8537

    Tick Segerblom (D-9)
    (775) 684-8549

    Scott Hammond (R-13)
    (775) 684-8853

    Ira Hansen (R-32)
    (775) 684-8851

    Kelly Kite (R-39)
    (775) 684-8843

    Richard McArthur (R-4)
    (775) 684-8829

    Mark Sherwood (R-21)
    (775) 684-8839

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    And PLEASE do show support!

    Email the committee members.

    Email the bill sponsors, thanking them for introducing the bill.

    Go to - cast your 'vote' and type an optional supportive comment.

    Attend the hearing. If you cannot attend, you can view it "live" online:

    If/when you're in Carson City, drop in the legislator(s) offices and voice support.

    All of these things can and DO make a difference!!

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