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Thread: Talked w/ my insurance agent, may be teaching a new shooter

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    Talked w/ my insurance agent, may be teaching a new shooter

    I got insurance renewal paperwork in the mail recently, & was browsing through the changes they made to our agreement (why is it I can't change it to benefit me??), noticed they added an exclusion that they won't cover any costs, including legal costs, relating to damages I cause due to lead. It specifically mentions lead paint, but also says something like 'any other product containing lead'.

    I could just see some pencil pusher saying "Aha! Here's how we can get out of paying for Krysta's legal representation following from that self-defense shooting at her house."
    So I called my agent & talked w/ one of the office gals about it. I've got a very healthy amount of insurance, mostly 'cause I have a very unhealthy bank account.

    I wanted some reassurance that (heaven forbid) if I have to defend myself, and if the criminal or DA try to bring legal action against me, the insurance co. will cover the legal costs. Since this was a question she'd never faced, she called someone else with much more wide-ranging experience, & got back to me this morning.

    Yes, it's covered under homeowner's liability.

    She was also surprised by what her source told her, that people are sued by the criminals they shoot! I explained that some states have laws protecting citizens who act in self-defense, but too many don't, including WI.

    Even better, she mentioned she'd always been curious about shooting, carrying for self defense, etc., and wanted to learn but was nervous about it. So I offered to take her to a range, teach her basic safety, rent a .22 pistol, & we can waste some ammo together.

    She says she will definitely take me up on the offer, probably in April (she has lots happening in the next few weeks). I pointed her at and told her the first thing she needs to read, understand, memorize, internalize, etc. are the 4 safety rules.
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    Nice job.

    Same type of thing happened to me this week at work. We were talking about guns and a lady said she didn't know anything about guns but had been thinking about getting one since she lives alone.

    So I offered to teach her about guns and teach her how to shoot. There just happens to be a gun range about 5 minuets away from the office so we may get some lunch time shooting in pretty soon.
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