Another insight into delusion, brought to you by Colin and Andrew Goddard:

It seems quite clear that LaPierre is as misguided and misinformed on the events in Egypt as he is about the true causes of gun violence here in this country. If instead of staging peaceful demonstrations, Egyptian protesters been armed with guns, it is highly likely that the Egyptian military, equipped with billions of dollars worth of weapons supplied free of charge by our own government, would have retaliated. That would have produced massive casualties among both the armed and unarmed Egyptians.

Other than causing the unnecessary deaths of innocent, unarmed protesters, guns played absolutely no meaningful role in what was perhaps the most powerful showing of peaceful and successful resistance to tyranny in recent history.

In contrast to LaPierre’s misguided comments, the historic events in Egypt tell us that while gun ownership is a right in this country, guns have nothing to offer rational, law-abiding people in the way of a solution to political differences.


Wayne LaPierre has done more to obstruct the development of this country than any foreign terrorist group could ever dream of accomplishing. LaPierre and his followers have blocked us from taking control of our own public safety to establish responsible limits and regulations that prevent dangerous weapons from falling so easily into the hands of dangerous people while claiming we just need to focus on “enforcing the laws already on the books.”

The laws on the books aren’t working, Wayne. More Americans have died from gunfire here on our own soil than have during all of our military’s combat operations overseas in the last 30 years. It is morally reprehensible to claim support for our weak existing gun laws with one hand and continually attempt to gut those same laws with the other.


We should all take note of what the unarmed population of Egypt has achieved by standing up and speaking out against their oppression. Americans should finally take a stand against the oppressive influence of LaPierre and the NRA that has long ignored the real needs of individual gun owners in favor of the profit of gun manufacturers. Those who make and sell guns care only about getting more guns into more hands in more places no matter how dangerous it makes life for all of us.