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Thread: News From Texas & The Mindset of the Hopeless Hoplophobe!

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    News From Texas & The Mindset of the Hopeless Hoplophobe!

    I just picked this up off the net. It starts off good and then quickly goes south! THIS is the apparent mindset of the hopeless Hoplophobe! THIS is what we face in trying to allow our college students the basic Right to self defense!

    It's the latest idea from Texas.

    Lawmakers in the state are poised to give college students and professors the right to carry guns on campus.

    Give Students The Right To Bear Arms

    Over half of the members of the Texas House have signed on as co-authors of a bill allowing universities to allow concealed handguns. The Senate passed a similar bill in 2009, and is likely to do so again. Governor Rick Perry approves of the measure.

    So it looks like a done deal.

    Utah And Colorado Allow Students To Carry Guns

    The state of Utah has already passed such a law, and Colorado gives its colleges the option of allowing handguns; several of them do so.

    And now Texas, already known for its gun culture, but scary because it has 38 public universities and more than half a million students.

    From Yahoo! News:

    Supporters of the legislation argue that gun violence on campuses, such as the mass shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007 and Northern Illinois in 2008, show that the best defense against a gunman is students who can shoot back.

    "It's strictly a matter of self-defense," said state Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio. "I don't ever want to see repeated on a Texas college campus what happened at Virginia Tech, where some deranged, suicidal madman goes into a building and is able to pick off totally defenseless kids like sitting ducks."

    Until the Virginia Tech incident, the worst college shooting in U.S. history occurred at the University of Texas, when sniper Charles Whitman went to the top of the administration tower in 1966 and killed 16 people and wounded dozens. Last September, a University of Texas student fired several shots from an assault rifle before killing himself.

    Similar firearms measures have been proposed in about a dozen other states, but all face strong opposition, especially from college leaders. In Oklahoma, all 25 public college and university presidents declared their opposition to a concealed carry proposal.

    "There is no scenario where allowing concealed weapons on college campuses will do anything other than create a more dangerous environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors," Oklahoma Chancellor of Higher Education Glen Johnson said in January.

    Have They Already Forgotten About Tucson?

    How can this be happening in Texas so soon after the tragic events in Tucson, Arizona?

    Have lawmakers in Texas even considered what happens when college students, alcohol and guns get together?

    Let's Hope No Student Gets Mad About A Bad Grade

    And we can only hope that no student gets upset over getting a bad grade. Or perhaps the professors will be too frightened to give out bad grades.

    America has the highest rate of gun deaths of any of the higher income countries. The people of other nations manage to go around relatively unarmed, and do just fine. What is it with some Americans and their guns?

    First Texas rewrote its history books, then it banned certain science studies, and now the state wants to arm the students.


    Go to the site and vote as well! We're leading 51% (YES), 45% (NO) @ 8:27 pm Eastern
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    This is directly from Students for Concealed Carry on Campus:

    AUSTIN – Legislation allowing licensed concealed firearms on college campuses has been introduced in the Texas House of Representatives.

    The bill, sponsored by Rep. Joe Driver would allow Texas residents already licensed to carry under state law to have the same right to self-defense on college campuses as they do elsewhere in Texas.

    “A lot of people hear about guns and schools and become alarmed,” said David Burnett, President and spokesman of Students for Concealed Carry. “The fact is that concealed carry is already an established body of law in Texas and most other states. There’s a process with age requirements, background checks and training before you can carry a handgun. If you’re mentally ill, or have a history of violent crime or drug and alcohol abuse, you can’t carry a gun.

    “This is about people who already responsibly carry elsewhere in the state, including restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, churches and banks. No one feels unsafe in those places, even though the odds are someone there is armed. Yet if a citizen walks onto a college campus, their right to self-defense is taken away.”

    Students for Concealed Carry got started after the Virginia Tech shooting, which the group says proved gun free zones don’t work.

    “Stickers on the doors saying ‘no guns allowed’ won’t keep an armed killer out of the building,” said Burnett. “Until you have a practical mechanism for enforcing a gun-free zone, you can’t tell people they can’t protect themselves.”

    Texas is one of nine states currently considering campus carry; similar bills are advancing in Arizona, Tennessee, Michigan, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Florida, Nebraska and Mississippi.

    Critics argue that colleges are generally safe environments and adding guns would make things worse. But the group points to reports of rising crime on college campuses, noting that in addition to high-profile shootings like Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University, there were more than 3,000 sexual assaults, 4,500 robberies and 5000 assaults on college campuses in 2008.

    The group also notes that 26 colleges in three states already allow licensed concealed carry on campus, with no resulting problems.

    “We’re not handing out pistols at the door,” said Daniel Crocker, the Southwest Regional Director with Students for Concealed Carry. “We’re talking about former military, ROTC cadets, professors and other mature adults with permits.”

    The bill has been assigned to the Homeland Security & Public Safety committee.

    David Burnett
    President, Students for Concealed Carry

    Daniel Crocker
    Southwest Regional Director, Students for Concealed Carry


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