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Thread: what do you think

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    what do you think

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    This is a step in the right direction. I like it. For military members, for example, it certainly makes maintaining a valid CCW a lot simpler.

    Theres another link to the same thing. I had to go through facebook to get to the OPs link.
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    ‘(c) In a State that allows the issuing authority for licenses or permits to carry concealed firearms to impose restrictions on the carrying of firearms by individual holders of such licenses or permits, a firearm shall be carried according to the same terms authorized by an unrestricted license or permit issued to a resident of the State.

    ‘(d) Nothing in this section shall be construed to preempt any provision of State law with respect to the issuance of licenses or permits to carry concealed firearms.’.
    So from what I gather, if you cross into a state, you may carry your pistol, but the pistol and method of carry must meet the location states regulations and limitations. How would this work with states that have mag cap laws or other physical or mechanical restrictions like Cali?
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