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Thread: kinda off topic but could use some help

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    Question kinda off topic but could use some help

    My father in-law passed away a few weeks ago, right before he passed he had bought an ak-47. He had not had a chance to shoot it yet. He had promised my brother in-law that he would take him out and shoot it. My problem is that I want to take him out and somewhat fulfill that promise but I cant find any ranges in my area (Roseville) that will allow me to shoot it there. Its 7.62x39. thanks in advanced for the help.

    to tie into on topic I will be oc'ing while doing so if the range allows

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    You can always go to the Lapeer Gravel Pit, part of the Lapeer State Game Area. No range officers, no limitations on what you can shoot.

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    If a range or any other buisiness doesnt let you OC, then go elsewhere.

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