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Thread: Does California Open Carry requirements mandate that you have a Guard Card?

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    Does California Open Carry requirements mandate that you have a Guard Card?

    I am new to the forum so I apologize if this has been asked and answered before. I did some searching and didn't see anything posted. That being said:

    Does the State of California Require that a person have a Guard Card to open carry. Everything I have read says nothing of that requirement. However, I was told by someone supposedly very familiar with the California Requirements, that if you do not have a Guard Card and you Open Carry, you are subject to arrest and your weapon confiscated.

    Can anyone, with AUTHORITY on the subject convince me beyond the shadow of a doubt that a Guard Card is NOT required. Can you point me to the OFFICIAL California Requirements for Open Carry?


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    As someone who was a resident of California and also knows a lot of folks in the open carry movement there, I can state that it depends on the circumstances.

    As a regular joe, you can only legally open carry UNLOADED in cities/populated counties. In less populated counties, I believe under 200,000, you can carry open and loaded.

    If you are a security guard, you are required to have an exposed firearm permit (they are **NOT** the same as a Guard Card). A Guard Card does not entitle a guard to carry openly, check out the BSIS (they license all security guards in the state) website and you can confirm that there.

    If you have any questions regarding the issue, just look up the statutes. And also, if everyone was going to get arrested without a card, why haven't the hundreds of open carry guys gotten all thrown in jail? Because whoever told you that is full of crap. or their wiki has links within the forums from Sheriff and Police Department Memos stating explicitly that Unloaded Open Carry is 100% legal. Loaded Open Carry, is illegal, except as I stated up above.

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